College Wellness Programs, Inc. is dedicated to the fundamental premise that high school & college students need to be provided a coordinated and integrated mental wellness program.
— Betsy Cutler, Publication Title

College Wellness Program's Mission

To Promote Mental Health & Wellness for the General Education population and Athletes on ALL levels.

Pillar I - Advocacy:

Our top two missions are

1) Professional & Collegiate: to seek a clearly defined mental wellness coordinator/clinician (in whatever capacity) in ALL pro sporting organizations & college athletic departments. One person that has been selected and identified to all the athletes and provide a SAFE and CONFIDENTIAL location for athletes to go to talk.

2) Professional, College & High School Mental Health Curriculum/Programming: Our athletes do not have the mental health literacy they need to properly advocate for themselves. Research shows that there is a direct relationship between an increase in MH knowledge leads to a decrease in Stigma!! This advocacy includes meeting with legislators on current and planned curriculum. Getting a seat at the education table to ensure mental health illiteracy is a focus.

3) Increase the prevalence of Sport Clinicians: Through conversations with parents & then research, I have found that there are Sport Clinician Wastelands in many areas of the country. In my own home town, there are only 2 clinicians that have sport therapy training. This is not acceptable, therefore I have decided to reach out to university Psychology & Social Work departments, advocating for programs that focus on sport therapy.

Pillar II - Education:

1) Professional & Collegiate: We have developed and continue to update mental health literacy for athletes & coaches. What do they know? What do they need to know? Provide both groups an avenue to increase their mental well-being knowledge to increase their use of professional/college/community resources and ultimately provide a safer experience as players & athletes.

2) High School Entities: We have developed mental health literacy seminars for high school athletes, parents and coaches. Athlete seminars are introduced to signs & symptoms of common mental health issues as well as educating them into what a true day in the life of a collegiate athlete looks like. Parent seminars include Athlete Parent 101 - basic athlete mental health programming info and Athlete Parent 102 Signs & Symptoms of common athlete mental health issues.

Pillar III - Research:

We have been engaged in Collegiate Athlete Mental Wellness research. We want to know what prevents Collegiate athletes from seeking mental/behavioral health, how are they dealing with their unique stressors as student athletes and who do they confide in the most. Go to "Collegiate Athlete Mental Wellness Research Tab to learn more about our current research project.

β€œThe members of the student-athlete advisory committee stressed that finding a way to address the array of mental health problems that permeated training rooms, dorms and playing fields was their biggest worry. Help us solve this silent, yet significant, problem, they asked.”
— NCAA Mental Health Task Force

We continue to look at future research possibilities, expanding beyond the collegiate world.