CWP's Mental Health Gen-Ed Population

1) Full review of your current Mental Health programming; offer ways in which you can improve care to your students; create/improve your procedures and protocols. Especially helpful for small university’s.

2) We are modifying the Athlete Mental Health app to meet the needs of our students!

Screenshot AMHLINK & SMHLINK Logo.jpg

Ask about seeing your institutions branded version!!

These dashboard buttons can be modified to meet your school’s needs

Provides basic Signs & Symptoms of common mental health issues for young adults.

Offers National Support Text & Hotlines, from suicide to LBGTQ issues.

Highlights School System/University Specific Resources as well as

National Resources that *can include a therapist database to seek mental health support.

All these items are specifically designed for your institution to include logos and pertinent info specific to your needs.

Please contact us for further information and how we can help you support your student population.