Current Research Articles

Below are research article titles you can search to explore all the data to read regarding                            Mental Wellness Issues and the Collegiate Student Athlete.

Team weigh-ins and self-weighing: Relations to body-related perceptions and disordered eating in collegiate male athletes

Galli, Nick; Petrie, Trent; Chatterton, Justine

Psychology of Sport & Exercise, March 2017, Vol.29, pp.51-55 [Peer Reviewed Journal]

Student-Athletes’ Perceptions of Mental Illness and Attitudes Toward Help-Seeking

Barnard, Jordan D.

Journal of College Student Psychotherapy, 02 July 2016, Vol.30(3), p.161-175 [Peer Reviewed Journal] Routledge

Taking a Timeout to Ensure Well-Being: Social Work Involvement in College Sports

Moore, Matt A

Social Work, 2016, Vol. 61(3), pp.267-269 [Peer Reviewed Journal]