With research and knowledge I firmly believe our Collegiate Athletic Programs will put equal emphasis on the Mental Wellness of their student-athletes as they have on their athletic and academic performance! I describe athlete support as a 2 legged stool. Our athletes are going to continue to be wobbly if we don't get that 3rd leg the same length and strength as the other two.

I have recently graduated with my M.Ed from VCU's Center for Sport Leadership. My focus is Collegiate Student Athlete Mental Wellness. We need to determine what stressors are most affecting our Student Athletes (SA's), how are they dealing with these stressors and what Collegiate Athletic Departments can do to better support their athletes and their well being.

I have designed research that asks current and recent SA's the answers to those three questions.

My research collection is complete and I have begun my analysis. My first set of data points are in editing and I hope to submit for journal review early 2019. Once accepted i will begin to analyze additional data points.