Honored to discuss SA Mental Health with future NCAA coaches at VCU's Center for Sport Leadership

Had a great morning yesterday talking to Center for Sport Leadership NCAA Collegiate Coaching class. Thanks to Professor Weiss for giving me the opportunity to come and talk to your class about the intersection of SA Mental Health & Coaching.

The Seminar included:

  • Data-Driven Facts about Student Athletes and Mental Health

  • Using the Athlete Mental Health L*I*N*K mobile app we reviewed Signs & Symptoms of 3 common issues SA struggle with, encouraging them to review the others on the app. Knowing this information will always be in the palm of their hands to reference in the future.

  • Discussed ways to Create a Positive MH Culture for their teams,; Other resources they can turn to; Being prepared for SA Mental Health Crisis and The importance of Modeling their own Positive Mental Health.

There was great discussion and insights by the class. I learned a lot and was thankful at their openness! May we continue on the path to educate our Coaches on ways to support their athletes & themselves on Sport related Mental Health.