Power 5 Conference vote on providing Mental Health Resources.. what now?!?!

I applaud this decision. The question becomes how does it translate to mental health resources actually being received by the student athletes?

I have visited numerous athletic departments and only a handful have actual “Mental Health Programming”, by programming I mean avenues to educate and instruct their SAs on combating their mental health illiteracy AND providing concrete ways to help them positively deal with stress and anxiety.

I can only hope that colleges & universities use this as a prompt to actually incorporate mental health curriculum inside their athletic departments. We need to educate our athletes on Signs & Symptoms of common athlete mental health issues, we need to mandate training on positive ways to handle stress & anxiety, like mindfulness & meditation training. When I say MH curriculum, I mean mandatory classwork/programs that their student athletes MUST attend. No tests or grades but the absolute expectation that they attend these programs just like Title IX and sexual assault mandatory training.

There are numerous issues to conquer; finances, Athletic department suppositions that if they provide curriculum the public perception that there’s a pervasive mental health problem in their athletes, and that our athletes are already scheduled to the hilt.

I have 15 minute Seminars that give this information to the student athletes, as well the Athlete Mental Health mobile app, which incorporates all the same info in the Palm of their hands. You could literally take a portion of the app as a class for your athletes.

Let’s hold off judgement for 1 year. January 2020 should tell us all the programming they have created and instituted, then we can answer the question “How did the vote translate to programming?”