College Wellness Programs, LLC. is dedicated to the fundamental premise that ALL students should to be provided a confidential, coordinated and integrated mental wellness program as a part of their Academic Curriculum. Our focus is breaking mental health stigma, increase mental health literacy & providing practical resources to improve students lives.

We are on the frontlines of ADVOCATING for Educational Reform, pushing for a complete Mental Health Module integrated into our Health & PE curriculum. We meet with educational decision-makers & lawmakers to push for these principles.

Although, there are numerous programming options for students, there is still a void in the integration of technology & mental health. We are adapting our Athlete Mental Health L*I*N*K mobile app to EDUCATE, as well as provide RESOURCES & SUPPORT to the student population. We are looking to integrate better ways of creating support communities and seeking mental health support, using technology.


Student Mental Health L*I*N*K

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